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artwork with a message April 28, 2008

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My sister just sent me this link.  It is artwork created with what we, as Americans, use on a regular basis in one way or another.  You have to see it to believe it… that stats for each are unbelievable!

One of my favorites is “Cans Seurat, 2007”- probably because it’s a remake of one of my favorite paintings.  The only thing almost as amazing as the original is this recreation!


Lesson Learned April 26, 2008

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When I was pregnant with my fourth… yes, fourth… child, my friend, Mavis, sent me an email asking what I’d prefer as a gift: a Bumbo or a Hooter Hider.  Yeah, that’s right.  Having never heard of either one, even on the aforementioned fourth and although I had a pretty good guess to the latter, I had to Google.  Here you go people- the hard work done for you… you know you want to check it out… it’s okay.

Anyway, I chose the Bumbo because like I said… the fourth… “hiding the hooters” not so important anymore.  Well, shortly after I received my Bumbo it was all over the news in a recall.  Apparently parents (horrible, irresponsible ones unlike me!) were placing these Bumbos on high countertops with their sweet cherubs inside and consequently when the child fell from such places, things like skull fractures were taking place.  So, you could return your Bumbo to where you got it and they would then dutifully place a STICKER (yep, a sticker) on it for you to tell you not to do something stupid like that!  Not needing a sticker reminder, I said to my husband something like, “kinda keep an eye on Tessa when the Bumbo is in the chair so we don’t fracture her skull.”  You read right… I put it in the chair.  Hey, it’s not the countertop!

Well, two nights ago at dinner she started really (and I mean reaallyyy) stretching way over so that you could see the bottom of her bum.  Brent and I looked at each other and said, “Hmm… maybe we should start putting it on the floor.”  Thankfully we did… because this morning she stretched herself right out of it and onto the bag of cereal she was so desperately trying to get… and that thankfully padded her landing.

Just another one of my “brilliant” parenting moments that really needs to be placed in the category- “Why they say parenting humbles you.”


bumper stickers April 23, 2008

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I am usually amused by what people will stick to their cars in the form of a bumper sticker.

One of my favorites is:

“I’m pretty sure that when Jesus said, “Love your enemies,” He didn’t mean kill them.”

The one I saw today, though, was in the disheartening category:

“Got Jesus?

It’s hell without him.”

I’m sorry if that was your car I saw today…


Weekend Recap April 21, 2008

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Once again, our weekend flew by way too fast! It started off with Karis’ gymnastics class late Friday afternoon and dinner with some fun new friends, thanks to Avery and her preschool class. Saturday morning was filled with a bunch of yardwork… with so much more still to do.

The “Underwood Bed and Breakfast” was up and running for the second weekend in a row! Two of my sisters and their families spent last week down in South Carolina for their spring breaks. On their way there, one family spent the night Friday and the other Saturday. While the same thing was supposed to happen on their way back this weekend, we only ended up getting my oldest sister’s family on Saturday night. They took us out to dinner and then we watched “August Rush” together… I’m so in love with August! A must see if you haven’t yet!

Sunday was church at our home again. As has been happening more and more on Sunday mornings, I uttered the words, “I’m done!” once again. Some weeks I’m just over having church here. The only thing I can really pin-point as my “issue” is the single parenting of four children that comes with it. I love having people in my home. I love the time we spend together. But sometimes two or more of my children get going during the first part when we’re all together and I only have so many hands and so much patience. Then somewhere in there I start the pity party or the “I’m such a bad mom” mantra or I just get angry. I’m pretty sure none of these are the attitudes I’m supposed to be having in “church,” but at the same time, why not? Why are we always told that the fight in the car on the way to church is supposed to be covered up once you get there? Why have we made church such a sterile environment as if God (or maybe we) can’t handle our real life and real emotions? I like what a friend of ours, Chad, wrote about our gathering yesterday and our identity as a “church”- if you’re his friend on Facebook, you can read it!


No Words April 15, 2008

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What do you say to a friend who’s life has been altered beyond her control?

What do you say to a friend who experiences a pain, every moment of every day, that you have never known?

What do you say to a friend that no matter how many tears you cry for her, you know she’s cried millions more?

What do you say to a friend who now has to find a new way to live this life and let her know she’s not alone?

There are no words.

Please pray for my sweet friend, Alicia, and her family as they remember and celebrate the life of her brother, Jarrett Lane, who was a victim in last year’s shooting at Virginia Tech.


Avery’s Quote of the Day April 14, 2008

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Often my 3 year old is saying something hysterical, which then gets emailed to the grandparents with the title “Quote of the Day.”

For instance, there was the morning that as we were getting the kids ready for school, she wanted something from Brent but didn’t care for his answer. After an exchange between the two of them she loudly barked at him, “Get back to work!” Okay, if she had said that to me it would not have been funny, but since she said it to him, it was hilarious!

Today’s quote is so good that I thought I’d post it:

As I was putting clothes away in her closet she proclaimed, “You’re a genius, mom!!”

That’s why I keep her around! 🙂


Satin is indeed the most festive fabric April 13, 2008

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If you need a good laugh you have to visit one of my new favorite websites:

Postcards from yo momma

These are actual emails people receive from their moms and post on this site. Holy cow… they’ll either make you cry from laughing so hard or cry because you too get these emails from your mom…

UPDATE: This title no longer (or maybe never) makes sense.  At the time there was an email from a mom who wrote in its entirety, “Satin is the most festive fabric, don’t you think?”  Now some equally precious gems are posted before it!