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Avery’s Quote of the Day 3-in-1 May 27, 2008

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Avery’s quote today pretty much sums up the facets of her 3 year old personality: sassy (also known as, “where the heck did she come up with that one?”), sweet, and always a little wicked.

This was our conversation after lunch today. I swear that this is it in its entirety. Out of the blue, she announced to me,

“I can’t wait until I have big boobs!!”

Me (after I regained some composure): “Why?”

Avery (the sweet part): “Cause then I’ll be a momma!”

I’m thinking, ‘awww… she wants to be a mom!’ and then I hear:

“And then I get to spank!!”


FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! May 21, 2008

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This could be “finally” as in, “Finally another girl has won ‘Dancing with the Stars.'”  Or, “Finally this season of ‘American Idol’ is almost over.”  But this “FINALLY” is because “FINALLY MY FAVORITE BLOGGER IS POSTING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!” (FYI- this link isn’t to his latest post, but to the beginning of his “It’s Not a Date” story… the funniest and most addicting thing ever!  His blog is actually “Awkward Things I Say to Girls”)

As a way of apologizing to all of my other blogging friends for calling his my favorite, realize that your blogs are posted on my site and Justin’s is not.  I know… that’s a lame apology, but if he’s not your favorite too, you haven’t read his blog yet.

I realize that this is a little late in the game (but while I’m pimping other people’s blogs), if you want to read a funny recap of last night’s American Idol, or the season for that matter, jump over to Brent’s friend’s blog.  FYI- “Teen Beat” is David A. and “Talk Box” is David C.

Happy reading!


My baby is growing up May 18, 2008

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In six days my oldest daughter, Karis, will be seven years old.

I never imagined my kids getting older. I imagined myself with babies and maybe toddlers or preschoolers. I imagined myself with kids that hold onto me tightly as if all of their love can only be given to me. I especially imagined myself with the kids that don’t talk back, disrespect me or disagree with what I say. The ones who are kind to others all the time, love to share their belongings and look for ways to complement their friends. Oh, and did I mention that their clothes always matched, were clean and their hair perfect?

Yeah… and then I became a mom. All of my hopes and dreams for my kids are turning out to be different in the reality of their life. Yes, I want all of those things for them, but sometimes I have to let Karis walk out of the house in her floral shirt, plaid skirt (“but they both have blue in them, mom!”), and striped socks… complete with ugly shoes. I have to hug her as she gets off the school bus crying because her best friend was ignoring her. I have to remind her again to share with Avery.

But I also get to take joy in watching her ride her new big bike! I get to throw her a fun tea party for her birthday and see what sweet friends she has learned to make on her own. I get to watch her let Avery sit next to her at the birthday table instead of one of her friends, and share her new toy with her (who now thinks it’s been given to her).

Parenthood is everything and nothing that I thought it would be… but I love it. And I love my beautiful baby that is growing up on me.


_____ looks like a lady May 14, 2008

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Of course you can fill in that blank! But if you think you’re a fan and expert of 80’s music, here’s a quiz for you. I thought I knew what I was doing, but only scored a 78.5. I thought I’d redeem myself on the 90’s quiz, but after reading through it, didn’t even attempt it! Good luck and tell me your score!


The Kitchen May 12, 2008

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My favorite room in a house is the kitchen. I remember the first time I fell in love with a kitchen was back in high school. It seems strange to me that I would have even noticed the kitchen at this stage of life, but the parents of one of my girlfriends had the best kitchen I had ever seen. Her entire house, after all, was pretty amazing as it was complete with elevator and multiple ways for me to get lost even though I spent a lot of time there. This kitchen, though, was just really big and beautiful with a large eating area in it where the family gathered. The other kitchen I loved in high school was that of another girlfriend because in it her dad would make his special “Papa G’s spaghetti sauce” that even if I had any desire to cook at that point, he never would’ve given up the recipe. It was a sacred family thing for them and I loved what it represented (not to mention I loved the sauce!).

I was reminded last night how much I love the kitchen. Brent and I had the priviledge of celebrating the engagement of a dear friend of ours, Stephen Spencer! His family has been such an important and special part of our lives. As we walked into the kitchen of their home in Williamsburg last night (for the first time in YEARS!!) we were welcomed home. I felt such warmth and joy in just the simple act of standing in their kitchen. The years of love and care that they bestowed on us in that very room came rushing back to me and I was once again known and loved.

Have you noticed that no matter how nice the rest of the house is, people always gravitate to the kitchen? You can tempt them out of it by turning on lights in other rooms, putting on nice music, even distributing the food to other areas, but they’ll always hang out it the kitchen. There needs are met, both physically and emotionally. The playing field somehow becomes level. Anxiety and insecurity melts away with the joining in and sharing of life. There is something about this that I just love.

This is why in my dream house, the kitchen takes up the entire first floor. 🙂


Mission Impossible May 6, 2008

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I’ve decided I need a class… for the “gardening impaired.”  Seriously, if you’ve been to my house, you know that my husband and I have black thumbs.  Not only can we not grow anything new, we kill what was pre-established.  And yet with this knowledge and understanding, I’ve decided that I want to take on the mission of growing a vegetable garden.  Trey has  been begging me for several years to do it and I’ve been putting him off.  Besides the fact that I suck at it, our ground in our yard is horrible and there is no sun because of all of the trees.  However, the fact that my family has been eating mostly non-meat meals (can’t commit to the “V” word yet) and the growing prices and my growing desire to be kinder to our earth, I’ve decided to give it a try.  To help me out our friend, David, is building me a large garden box for my deck because that is where we get the most sun.  I have a friend who just dropped off some plants that her family started.  She gave me green pepper, zucchini, cantelope, cherry tomatoes, and even a watermelon!

My biggest fear- aside from my complete idiocy on the subject- are the squirrels in our backyard eating all of the plants.  There are so many that my kids actually have named some of them.  (Totally off the subject, but we even have an albino squirrel in the neighborhood!)

All that to say… help!!! I will happily take any advice you want to give me.  I probably should start by reading a book on this….


the worst Tooth Fairy May 4, 2008

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That would be me.  The morning after my eight year old lost his fourth tooth he declared, “I have the worst tooth fairy!”  Yep, I had forgotten the money again!  The first time I forgot I wrote a note from the “tooth fairy” apologizing and telling him how busy I had been.   Now he’s so used to  it being forgotten.  This morning he was talking at breakfast about not getting his money again.  I had no idea what he was talking about… I thought maybe he was referring to his allowance because I’m bad about remembering that too.  (In my defense, he hasn’t been doing a good job of earning it lately!)  When I questioned him about it, he said his tooth fairy forgot again.  When I said, oh I’m sorry, he said, “It’s okay.  I’m sure she’s just really busy again and running behind.”  What is wrong with the fact that my son not only believes in the tooth fairy, but believes she is too busy to get to all of the teeth on time?!!  To top it off, one of his classmates told him that she had written the tooth fairy a note asking for a gift and she got it… so yep, he had written her asking for a gift.  So my poor son not only didn’t get his measly little change for his tooth, he didn’t get the gift… whatever that’s supposed to be!

All I can say is, I sure hope Karis gets a better tooth fairy when she starts losing teeth!