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New Dreams July 29, 2008

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Karis, my seven year old, has wanted to be a flower girl so badly for the last few years.  I’m not sure where this desire came from.  She hasn’t been to a lot of weddings and she doesn’t remember Trey being a ring bearer, although she’s heard about it and that’s enough to make her jealous.  But she has talked and talked about how much she wished that someday she would get to do it.

So the day finally came. This past weekend Karis, along with her cousin Claire, got to be a flower girl in Brent’s cousin’s wedding.  She had so much fun, but it was very serious business to her: she made sure that she kept her dress clean, threw the petals ‘just right’ and kept her best smile on.  She so desperately wanted me to just go sit down and let her do her thing (yeah, right!).

It was really neat to watch her during the ceremony.  She took everything in, paid rapt attention to what the bride and groom were doing and even stifled her laugh when her cousin leaned over and said, “Sicko!” as the bride and groom kissed!

I said to her afterward, “Karis, now you’re going to have to dream a new dream so you have something else to look forward to.”  Her response to me was, “Oh mom, I have lots of dreams.  I still want to ride a horse!”


Jesus for President book tour July 25, 2008

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In a word: amazing.  In another one: convicting.  I’ll have to blog more about this later, but here’s the only two pictures I got before my camera battery died… the flash didn’t really work.

Chris Haw and Shane Claiborne

Shane, Scott and Jay (who has the deepest, most soul-shaking voice ever!!)


only in the “south”… at least i hope! July 22, 2008

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So this is part of the conversation that I overheard between two 12 year olds at our pool the other day.  I dearly wish that I had been able to hear the whole thing, because I can only imagine what was being said in the in betweens, but here is what I heard.

Girl #1: “You can’t do that, it’s illegal.”

Girl #2:  “It’s illegal?”

#1:  “Well, I don’t know if it’s illegal, but it’s wrong.  You can’t marry someone in your family.”

#2:  “But it would be like marrying someone you knew your whole life!”

Seriously?  I kid you not when I say they are twelve years old and having this conversation!  Here’s the part where I wish I could hear what was being said because after the conversation went on for awhile the next thing I heard was:

#2:  “I have a friend named Millie and she said she wants to be just like her cousin.  She said she’s got three kids and no man and she’s happy!”

Yep… a twelve year old looking up to a woman who’s got 3 kids, no man and is happy.  Yeah, I’ll bet she’s happy.  I’d like to give them my four kids for an afternoon of “no man” and see just how happy they all turn out!!


Avery’s Obsession July 19, 2008

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Here’s this week’s conversation on her favorite topic.  (For those who don’t know, or who need the warning in case they don’t want to know, Avery’s obsession is boobs.)

The other day while I was feeding Tessa, Avery said to me, “I’m going to grow my boobs big and strong.  I’m going to grow them big and strong and then I’m going to milk my baby.”

Then this morning after her bath, she looked at herself and said, “My boobs are still little.  How is Jesus going to grow them bigger?”

Good question.   Poor thing… I really hope that she gets some someday!


the best part… or at least one of them July 16, 2008

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Parenting is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. There are so many moments of pure defeat and failure. But there are so many moments of triumph and pure joy! One of the best moments of it all for me is when one of my children does something for the first time- especially if that something involves conquering a fear. So today was an especially sweet day… because two of my girls did just that, all in the same day!

As I have said earlier, Avery is finishing up her swimming lessons. Today was day 7 and tomorrow is the last day. She swam again today for her teacher, Sarah. But when asked to show us in our pool, she’ll say to us, “No. I swim for Sarah. In her pool.” And that is the end of that. However, when we were in our pool today I made her show Karis what she has been learning. She obeyed and then said she was done. I said that was fine and that I wouldn’t make her do anything more today. So off she went… happily walking in the “big pool” where she can just touch the bottom. She then happened to let her mouth slip under the water… and then her eyes. When she popped up, she started laughing… then she tried it again. When she realized that she was going under by herself she started getting braver and braver until she was swimming all over the place. Each time she came up for air she wanted a new person to see what she could do, so she kept yelling to various people, “Hey boy!! Look what I can do!” “Hey girl!!” “Hey Lady!!”

Karis has refused to go off of the diving board all summer. Part of the problem is that she can’t wear her goggles on the diving board. The other problem is… well, it’s a diving board. She has slowly worked her way up to it as in she started diving off the starting blocks in races (which she refused to do for most of the season) and she started trying to swim for a bit without her goggles. So today when she said to me, “I think I’m almost ready to jump off the diving board” I jumped on the opportunity. After some negotiations that included me paying her $2 for the feat and me telling her that I was going to just make her do it (knowing full well that once she did it, I wouldn’t be able to get her off the dang thing) she JUMPED!! With her best friend and brother going before her and cheering her on, she didn’t even hesitate. She climbed up, ran off the thing and just jumped…

…and yeah, I couldn’t keep her off the dang thing for the rest of the time!


swim lessons July 14, 2008

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My (almost) four year old is taking swim lessons. The reason I state that she is almost four, rather than saying my three year old, is because when I describe said swim lessons, it sounds much less abusive to place my almost four year old, rather than my three year old, in them. So here’s why:

She is going to Morgan Swim School. If you’re from around here, you know its nickname. I’ll refrain from using it because I wholly believe in every aspect of this swim school and I don’t want to insult them. However, it’s intense… to put it mildly.

So Avery is in the 8-Day Blitz class. The school’s promise is that by day 8 she will be comfortable in the pool and should she fall (or jump) in, she will be able to handle herself. Today was her fifth day. It has rained on that poor child every day except for last Thursday. That may not sound like a big deal, seeing as they are already in a pool getting wet, but it’s just the straw… you know, the one with the camel.

Anyway… so in this class they make them go under the water. On the first day. Regardless of their reaction. Or protests. The parents aren’t allowed to stay and watch… probably because most of us would jump into the pool in attempts to rescue our poor little ones before chastising ourselves for putting them through such abuse.

BUT… and this is why we have chosen to place our (almost) four year old into this class… today, on her fifth day of class, I watched my sweet little girl swim by herself to the edge of the pool and get herself out. She is almost as proud of herself as I am!


Quote on my coffee cup July 12, 2008

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So-called “global warming” is just a secret ploy by wacko treehuggers to make America energy independent, clean our air and water , improve the fuel efficiency of our vehicles, kick-start 21st century industries, and make our cities safer and more livable.  Don’t let them get away with it!

-Chip Giller, Founder of