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Because 2 (or 3) Obsessions Aren’t Enough March 27, 2009

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I haven’t been blogging a lot lately.  Part of it is because I don’t have a lot to say.  Part of it is that the newness has worn off.  Part of it is because I’ve moved onto other “new and shiny” things.  I’m (apparently) a  big-time consumer.  Of the stalking world, anyway.

I joined Twitter yesterday.

Now I can tell you that Ashton Kutcher accidentally  knocked out a stunt guy on his movie set earlier today and is now getting his chest waxed.  I can also tell you that Jimmy Fallon has been in meetings all day.

Wow.  So this is what my life has come to.  As if Facebook stalking wasn’t enough, I can now stalk this way!  The sad part is, it really is stalking because I’m only going on Twitter to see what others are doing.  I’m not actually saying anything about myself.

So… sorry for the lack of blogging lately… but I’ve been busy tweeting….


March Madness!!! March 17, 2009

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We have a little tradition in the Underwood household.  It’s filling out the brackets every year!  It started about 7 or 8 years ago when I decided to fill out a bracket along with my husband and his coworkers.  I knew nothing and thought it’d be fun to see how I would do just randomly picking.  I swear I didn’t choose based on “pretty uniforms” or “cutest players”… I simply went through the bracket, blindly picking.  It was really fun beating most of those guys who spent so much time and thought on their picks!  I almost won the whole thing!!

So, it has since become tradition… each family member fills one out every year.   Trey and Karis pick pretty much based on rankings.  They only differ from each other in the finals.   Even Avery has filled one out for the last several years.  I give her the two choices (i.e.”UConn or Chattanooga”), she gives her pick and I write it down for her.  We were dying laughing last night as she was making her picks.  She was very confident with each choice… including Stephen F. Austin making it to the Sweet Sixteen… against Morgan St.  Yep.  I’m telling you, if there are some serious upsets this year (and if we did this for money) she could finance the family for the year!

All that’s at stake in our house, though, is pride!  And getting to rub it in each other’s faces for the year!!


Snow Day!!! March 2, 2009

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I actually drove my kids to my sisters’ in NY in January for them to play in snow.  Yes, I took my kids out of school to play in snow.   I don’t actually want to live where you get snow regularly, but a good snow once a year is perfect!  It wasn’t looking like we were going to see any since our Christmas was dry in Ohio, so… I drove them to NY.

Well… we finally got snow yesterday and last night!!  Today is the first snow day we have had in Richmond since we moved here, almost 6 years ago!  The kids are almost as excited as I am!

We have all bundled up to play outside already… and are already back inside for a break.  Seriously.  I have southern kids.  They got cold after 15 minutes and were inside stripping down what took us longer than 15 minutes to find and put on and were begging for hot chocolate.  Oh well, what is the fun of snow if you can’t get some hot chocolate at 9 o’clock in the morning?!!



Running the Race March 1, 2009

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Yesterday morning I ran in a fundraising 5k for SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) . Before our race was the 1 mile kids’ run.  I was amazed as I watched this little girl in pink who couldn’t have been older than five come running across the finish line at the head of the pack, with only a few older boys beating her.  She had the biggest  grin on her face as she sprinted in.  Impressive, right?

Well, once our race was underway and the runners began spreading out a bit, I pointed out to my friend, Tami, that the same little girl in pink had started our race with who I presume was her dad.  I thought, how cute- she enjoyed her race and wants to run with him for a bit.  (This of course was easy to think about as they were in FRONT of me.  Whatever- I thought it would be short-lived.)  A mile in and they started to pull ahead of us.  As we approached the middle mark, and a hill that I did not know existed(!) I thought for sure she’d drop out.  Yeah, right.  That little thing not only finished the race, but she kicked my tail.  By a lot.  WHA??!!!

Yeah, my husband was even so kind as to say when I mentioned it, “Oh, her?  Yeah, she kicked your butt!!!”  Gee thanks!

But it was “fun” to get out there.  It had been years since I had run in any kind of race, and to be honest, I’m just glad I finished it.  The kids were there cheering us on and it made such a difference!

Oh, who won?  That would be “Skinny Naked Dude”… or at least what we dubbed him.  It was freezing cold and everyone was dressed in layers- except for Skinny Naked Dude.  He was wearing short running shorts and a t-shirt with the sleeves torn off.  And a hat and gloves.  I told Tami that apparently a hat and gloves is all you really need!  (Well, that and him only being out there for 16 minutes, something doesn’t hurt either!)