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Where, oh where October 14, 2009

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has my blogroll gone?  Oh where, oh where could it be??

Seriously, I just noticed it’s not on the side of my page anymore.  Anyone know where it went?  Or how to get it back?  Yeah, I’m that technologically savvy challenged.


U2- 360 Tour October 2, 2009

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I fell in love with U2 back in high school, but even then didn’t realize the phenomenon that they were/are.  I simply thought “Joshua Tree” was an amazing album.  I promptly went off to Christian College and lived in a bubble for the next 4 years, so I missed out on “Zooropa” and “Pop” for the most part, but came back in when they released their “Best of 1980-1990” album.   I was hooked again!  We don’t see a lot of concerts, but Brent and I had decided by their last tour, “Vertigo,” that we would try our best to get to a concert.  There’s some things you just want to say you’ve done in life, and I had already missed out on seeing Michael Jordan play live. 🙂

After seeing “Vertigo,” we knew that we would try to see all of their tours from here on out.  Much to Trey’s dismay, we didn’t take him to that concert.  Or this one.  Guess we’re going to owe him big the next time around.  But 14 sounds like a better age for a concert than 6 or 10… of course, don’t tell him about the kid his age that Bono pulled up on stage, ran around the ring with, and then ended up giving his shades to at our concert.

So here are a few of the pictures from an amazing night.  Not even the drunk, racist idiots in the row in front of us could take away from the fun of the show… well, not entirely.  I would have definitely enjoyed it more without them!

U2 2009 014The stage has been described as everything from a crab, to a spaceship… all I can say is that it definitely takes you where U2 intends to take you… to a time and place where people love one another and stand up for each other when justice isn’t being done.  Plus, there’s just something really cool about the way the guys interact with each other.

U2 2009 086 Bono is all rock star.  He knows it.  He totally uses it, too, in the sense that he knows his voice is heard.  So he talks.  A lot.  About what is going on in the venue’s backyard, and around the world.  He doesn’t let you just sit there and listen to their music.  He makes you hear their message too.

U2 2009 093Then there’s The Edge.  One of my favorite things is to watch musicians who are truly enjoying playing their instruments.  He is one of those guys.  There’s just something about watching him play the guitar.  He has such joy.  U2 2009 136Larry is funny to me because I always think of him as the stoic one.  One of my friends saw them last night for the first time and said she thought he looked like he was in pain the whole time.  I just laughed.  I hope he wasn’t in pain and I was laughing, I just think he’s that kind of drummer.  He’s not all dramatic and all over the place.  He does his job.  And does it well.

U2 2009 104And then there’s Adam.  Adam mesmerizes me like nothing else.  Partly it’s because he can totally rock the bass… and he’s not young.  Mostly it’s because this dude isn’t drinking the Kool-Aid.  You know, the other three are definitely expressing their spiritual thoughts and ideas through their music, and he’s not.  What really grips me, though, is that I don’t think it’s because he’s a sellout, going for the U2 fame and money.  I think it’s because of what it says about him as a person… and maybe more importantly, what it says about the other three and the way they treat him.  There isn’t judgement there.  There is brotherhood.  There is love.  There is the living out of what they sing about night after night.

And maybe that’s one of the reasons I want to see them every chance I get.  Because besides really great music from some mediocre musicians (Bono’s words, not mine), you see the embodiement of the lyrics of their music every time they join together.  And that’s somewhere I’m willing to be transported.