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Sweet Home… Virginia November 10, 2009

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I can’t believe we are down to less than two weeks in the good ol’ state of Virginia!  We have spent 12 years here, 6 in Williamsburg, 6 in Richmond.  We have had 2 kids in each place.  We have so many fun memories (and a few not so good ones) and I’ve spent a lot of time lately relishing what we have.

So here are a few things I will miss about the “South”…

  • friends
  • sweet tea
  • warm days… all year long…
  • southern drawls
  • flowers blooming in February
  • grits (yeah, that’s right.  even if i swore i would never eat them, i ended up loving them.)
  • seafood that doesn’t come from Red Lobster
  • Trader Joe’s (yes, i realize that’s not southern… but it’s here and not where i’m going!)
  • sweet old men, with their southern accents, being gentlemen
  • did i mention, FRIENDS??!!

Things I won’t miss…

  • mosquitoes all year long
  • spiders and bugs in my house
  • caring where I am in relation to the Mason-Dixon line 😉

Things I have to look forward to…

  • living close to my sisters
  • my kids being close to their cousins- and for me getting to be close to my nieces and nephews!
  • seeing old friends, making new ones
  • walking to the library, ice skating rink, pizza joint (when it’s not freakin’ freezing outside, of course- that month will be LOVELY!)
  • having beautiful, rolling hills, right outside my door
  • being near the Finger Lakes… the wineries there don’t hurt either!
  • did i mention the pizza??  the BEST pizza in the world!
  • Soulful Cup coffee
  • did I mention my SISTERS??!!

I just noticed how many things on both lists have to do with food… yeah.  There’s no surprise there!

I can’t decide whether to be sad or happy… probably because I am both, all the time.  I have had 12 amazing years, filled with many amazing friends and experiences.  Virginia will always have a special place in my heart.  But soon I’ll be going home!


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