trying to create something beautiful out of the broken pieces

About April 7, 2008

I feel like anything I write here only helps you label and judge me… which speaks to some of my broken pieces, I suppose.

Have you ever noticed a mosaic? They always catch my eye. It always amazes me how something so beautiful can be made of all of these broken pieces. That, of course, got me thinking about the broken pieces. Some are broken by accident or misuse. Some are broken on purpose, whether the original piece was ugly, undesirable, or just not needed and would serve a better purpose within the mosaic. Some are just old and worn. Some were greatly loved and used within the mosaic in a desire to prolong their life.

I suppose this is how I view my life. I have all of these broken pieces for all of the various reasons, but I hope that somehow I’m being put back together to form something new and beautiful.

So, back to the details that will help you label know me better…

I’m the wife of a wonderful man

I’m the mother of four incredible kids

I’m someone who’s trying to learn what it means to love God by loving others and caring for the things He’s made


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