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Spam November 7, 2009

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Okay, so I don’t know if this is the kind of post that makes up for not blogging for a couple of months, but I just laughed so hard!  Every once in awhile, spam gets through on my comments.  Thankfully, I have to approve all new commentors before they are posted.  The spam has gotten to the point where it looks like someone is making a sincere comment about your blog, but it’s totally generic and fake.  Well, here’s the latest one I just got:

“Hi!  Maybe you no see Jenna Jamison nude???”

Yeah.  There are no words.


Where, oh where October 14, 2009

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has my blogroll gone?  Oh where, oh where could it be??

Seriously, I just noticed it’s not on the side of my page anymore.  Anyone know where it went?  Or how to get it back?  Yeah, I’m that technologically savvy challenged.


Making Headlines… or something like that April 25, 2009

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While Brent and I are away for a wedding in Alabama for and with some very dear friends of ours, our youngest has been busy getting “published” in the blogging world.

Tessa went to one of our favorite local coffee shops today with both sets of grandparents and was photographed and blogged about here.


To My Mama Friends April 21, 2009

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Here is a really fun/helpful/creative/entertaining/make you feel better or worse as a mama blog!  I have read it several times before from my other friends’ blogs, but just added it to my blogroll finally in hopes of remembering to read it more.  Guess I should just add it to my Google Reader.  Anyway, I wanted to share it with those of you who don’t know about it yet!

Mama Manifesto is written my several women in various stages of being a mom.  They discuss just about everything from giving tips on parenting, sharing recipes, giving ideas for living in healthy and creative ways, evalutating different products and sharing the goings on in their own homes and how they are dealing with them… or in some cases asking for advice on how to deal with them.  I enjoy the humorous, honest way they look at their lives and they way they take the serious things seriously, while laughing off the things that we sometimes forget to laugh off.

I hope you like it too!


he’s smarter than me… October 13, 2008

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… and that’s only one of the many reasons I love my husband!

My brain has been mush lately from little sleep while caring for our sick one year old, but his brain has been going gangbusters.  For some deep thoughts and/or great conversation, visit his blog:



Introducing “Sweet Lu” August 22, 2008

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Not every kid in the world is cool enough to have their own blog, but our sweetie girl Lucy is!!

Here it is people! All the happenings in this chick’s new life!

Sweet Lu